Welcome To Slap City

Thu 27th Sep 2018 - 8:57pm : Gaming

   Over the last few years, there has been a major boom of platform fighting games hitting the market. These fighting games take the fun, free-form combo and crazy movement style akin to the vastly popular “Super Smash Brothers” series, and make it their own. A lot of these new platform fighters have achieved great popularity, and rightfully so. But over the last few months there has been a seemingly unlikely candidate rising to the top of the platform fighters tier list. In the words of it’s ridiculously catchy theme song, “Welcome to Slap City”


Developed by Ludosity, and featuring characters from Ludosity’s other titles, Slap City has quickly made a name for itself due in part to it’s silly cast, as well as it’s addicting gameplay. But, as a big fan of the game myself, I wanted more answers as to how this scene got started, as well as how it’s grown so much. Luckily for me, Slap City’s Community Manager, “Creestab” was willing to talk about the game.

So to anyone that wasn’t around at the beginning, the Slap City scene popped up seemingly out of nowhere, but as someone who’s been a part of it since the start, can you shed some light on how the scene really came to fruition?


Believe it or not I actually wasn't around from the beginning. I came in late May, but there were already some established players such as Juzo, Repiteo, Chewy, etc. That being said, there wasn't much organized play or "infrastructure" for the scene so to speak. I started hosting tourneys along with Sells, streaming the sets, uploading to GRslap, ext. Then the content creators exploded. VideoGameDunkey uploaded a Slap City video and some popular streamers and melee players started picking it up. The infrastructure I spearheaded ended up getting a lot of new faces, and to keep up with the competitive demand, we began to migrate out of the Ludosity Discord and into the new SCO Discord. That burst along with the Beta Brackets funded by Ludosity really helped kickstart the scene.

While the scene is primarily online, Slap City has had begun to gain some offline presence, with the first Slap City major, Super Slap Con, taking place in August. Did you ever see the scene growing to the point where there would be people would be traveling just to play Slap City?


Slap offline was honestly a happy accident. Super Slap Con was just going to be a small thing tucked in the corner of the venue for some players in the scene that wanted to get together after working online for the summer. I ended up pushing it a bit above that to say the least haha. I was running around the venue for hours prior to the event talking to officials and stuff to see what I could muster. Ended up securing half the DC eSports area for our venue, along with a stream setup from Rivals of Aether after talking with Etalus and Gimr. It went so much better than any of us could have predicted going into the weekend. It was received very well for the most part and with the new Slap League run by , you can expect to see Slap at more offline events in the future.

Why do you think Slap City caught so many people’s attention?


I think the attention stems a lot from the aesthetic of the game. In all honestly it looks like a meme gone too far. What people don't expect is it plays like a dream. The movement is so smooth and purposeful, the characters are all unique and open to individual playstyles, and at its core it's just a fun game. A game needs to be fun to survive, regardless of its competitive aspects. So it attracts new players initially with it's goofy surface and low price point, and people stay because it's just a well done game. It's of course still in development so some balancing and bug fixes are necessary, but for an early access game it's looking really promising.

Last but not least, what is your favorite part of the game? What made you fall in love with the game to the point where you ended up as the voice of the community?


My favorite part is honestly my role in the community, the fact the game is one I still enjoy is just icing on the cake. I've never really had a role like this in any sort capacity. When I got it back in May after watching an Alpharad video and messaging my friend to get it with me for shits n’ giggles, I would have laughed if someone told me I'd be a community figure for the scene. There's a sense of purpose and fulfillment in what I do. Even though it's hard and I don't really get paid, it's rewarding. I feel like I mean something to a large chunk of people, which is humbling yet inspiring. Slap has really helped me find direction in my life as silly as that may sound, but I'm really glad I ended up where I am. With my senior year of college starting up a few weeks ago I have had to differ a lot of my roles to the community, we are really lucky that SCO has such a willing base of players that are willing to help on so many different fronts, I couldn't do it without the community as a whole for sure.

In addition to hearing what Creestab had to say, I wanted to tap into one more source to capture exactly what people love so much about Slap City. Luckily for me, I’ve got a couple friends who also play the game and were willing to answer a question. I asked myself, MatthewPTrotta and Pastor, a very simple question, “Why do you play Slap City?” Here’s what everybody had to say.

“I bought Slap City with the intention of playing it one time to settle some joke beef with Pastor, but one best of three set later and I was absolutely hooked. The game is just fun, combos feel super good to the point where sometimes I pop off even on my most basic chains. Mechanics like clutch add another layer to the game that encourages you to learn it, but doesn’t ruin your chances of winning without it. Every character has something super unique about them and I enjoy playing each one. In addition, the scene is online, and the community is amazing, which means there’s usually always someone around your skill level available to practice. So many factors go into making a game enjoyable, and Slap City checks off everything on my list, at least.” -iDroppedMyPasta

“Slap City as a game is amazing, it is fun, different, and fluid. The community is also very tightly knit but also welcoming!” -Pastor


“At first I was skeptical about playing Slap City because I have never really tried to learn a Smash game before. Pastor came to my house back in June to sit down and talk about Mentality. When we had some free time he showed me the game and right away I can say it didn't seem like a Smash game. How smooth the game play was honestly got me hooked. At first I was TERRIBLE and needed to actually learn combos and other aspects of the game. I would recommend this game to a lot of people because even if you can be good, you can always have fun on the game. #BumperTown” -MatthewPTrotta


The Slap City scene has collected just under 650 online players, with more joining every day. If you’re looking for a platform fighter, whether it’s just for goofing off with friends, or exploring the layers of competitive play, Slap City would be perfect for you.

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