Mentality Content Q&A - FerociousFalcons

Thu 20th Sep 2018 - 9:46pm : Gaming


Hey readers! Today we have a piece dedicated to one of our beloved content creators and community leaders, FerociousFalcons! We talked to him about his projects and goals for the coming year.

Hey FerociousFalcons! How are you doing?

I am doing fantastic! The community and I are really excited for Smash Ultimate to come out. Life in general is just amazing.


What do you do for a living?

I work part-time at a theater--and not a movie theater, a performance theater. I work in the front of the house as Operations Lead. This means that I make sure everything in the front runs smoothly. It can get stressful at times but it is for the most part relaxing. I also stream part-time on Twitch and am currently working on a partnership to stream full time.


How much time is dedicated to your content?

I would say that we dedicate at least 30 hours a week into making content. A lot of it is planning and editing. Editing consumes a lot of the content-making time but we do invite the community to help with making graphics or intros. Some members even help with planning. It's kind of like a mini-city.


What do you like most about streaming?

I love the interaction between the streamer and the chat/community. It really makes me happy when I know I can affect someone's life in a positive way. Whether it's making them laugh with my cringey behaviour or keeping them at the edge of their seats with the gameplay.


When did you get started?

Before we began streaming (February 2017) I studied streaming for 1 year. I would watch streamers with great intent to learn. I kept a notebook and wrote lots of things I thought would work if I got to streaming. While I did this year of studying, I was saving up for a gaming PC and streaming equipment because I knew I wanted to provide the best for the viewers. So technically we started streaming in February 2017 but the planning came way before.


What do you value in a community?

The thing that the FerociousFalcons value in a community most is growth. Everyone in the FerociousFalcons community is hell-bent on helping one another. Whether it be streaming, gaming or actual life help; the community always lends a helping hand to others. Positivity is also another big one that most online communities tend to look over.


Do you collaborate with other streamers?

We absolutely collaborate with other streamers. In the past we have done podcasts together, Let's Plays and have even gone as far as meeting content creators in real life and vlogging with them.


How often do you upload to YouTube?

We upload at least 1 video a month but we throw more things depending on what events come about. YouTube is not our primary focus when it comes to content but it doesn't hurt to have it and put stuff out on it.

Any new projects you've been working on?

We have tons of projects in store for the future. Huge community giveaway for a Nintendo Switch this November 2018. Just because the community gives so much, we decided to give back. Not only that but we do have a community tournament that we will be doing next month. To top it off we are planning another St. Jude fundraiser for next year. This year our community raised $2,200 for kids with cancer and we plan and raising a lot more next year.


What are your goals for Smash Ultimate?

One of my biggest goals is to bring the online Smash community together and rid it of all the hateful toxicness. I would like people to feel safe and want to play with a loving online Smash community. I also lowkey want to get Top 50 in the world.


Last thoughts? Anyone you want to shout out?

I am very grateful to be on the Mentality Content team. They really do treat us like family and I appreciate them. I would love to shout out the Ferocious Team.

CJ is an awesome person and knows how to be a great partner.

Llama who also does graphic design work and is also my wife. She supports me in many ways and I couldn't be where I am today without her.

LovemeDead who is my current manager. He deals with so much of the financial side of the FerociousFalcons and has really helped keep the whole company fiscally smart.

SpankersQ for being the person who does a great deal of graphic work for us. He is phenomenal and [after] all the work he did for us he has never asked for a single penny. I obviously have repaid him for all the hard work he has done but he needs more credit.

Community managers are the glue that holds together the community. Arceus, Sacred, Nassim, Ben80p and madhatmatt. You all are very important people and I thank you so very much for always being there for the Ferocious community.


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