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Tue 21st Aug 2018 - 9:01pm : Gaming

Fortnite is one of, if not the hottest game out right now, and with the rise of a new game, comes a new competitive scene. With that said, it’s with great pleasure and excitement that we here at Mentality Esports present to you; Mentality Fortnite

BluePlump and HeavyBeatsPump


The powerful duo is now representing Mentality Esports in Fortnite going forwards, we sat down with them for an interview to gather their thoughts about joining Mentality and their thoughts about Fortnite in general.



Let’s start off with some basic information, what are your names, how old are you, etc?

BluePlump (Plump): My name is Alex, I’m from Colorado, and I’m 22 [years old].

HeavyBeatsPump (Heavy): I’m Jay, I’m 20 years old, and I’m from Florida.

How long have you guys been playing Fortnite?

Heavy: I’ve been playing Fortnite since season 2

BluePlump: I’ve been playing since season 1. Fortnite was the first PC Shooter I’ve played, ever. I originally bought my PC just to play league, but I started Fortnite right after because league changed the meta.

How did you guys get your tags?

Heavy: The heavy shotgun is better than the pump shotgun.

Plump: I started calling the Pump shotgun a “plump” on accident, and everyone I played with started calling it that as well.

Any memorable gamertags before these ones?

Heavy: I was “Ready and Sweaty” and he was “Sweaty and Ready”, and my OG tag was “White Hoodies”

Plump: My original tag was “Smells Like Tofu”

If you guys could only use one skin for the rest of Fortnite history, what skin would it be?

Plump: Blue Team Leader or Nog Ops

Heavy: Arctic Assassin or Ginger Gunner.


So you guys are joining Mentality as competitive Fortnite players, do you have any competitive gaming history?

Heavy: I played really competitively on Gamebattles ladder for Gears of War 3.

Plump: Only game I ever did semi-competitively was Modern Warfare 2.

Going back to the early days, what are the first games you guys played?

Heavy: The first game that really got me into gaming was the OG Fable on the original Xbox, loved that game so much, and as a little kid I had a small attention span so I was able to just walk around forever and accomplish nothing.

Plump: The main game I played religiously for years was Runescape, that was the first game that I ever played on PC, and that lead me to more MMOs like World of Warcraft.

So with fairly limited competitive history, what made you two decide to start competing in Fortnite?

Heavy: I feel like, whenever you see someone that’s really good at a game you play there’s sort of a stigma where you kind of look up to them and want to be like them. I picked Fortnite up as a hobby, but I saw my skill start going places and I saw people sort of idolize me playing the game, it was a good feeling. It made me want to compete.

Plump: Getting into PC gaming, I didn’t think I was good at a lot of it, and with [Fortnite] being the first [PC] shooter I’ve ever played, there was a huge learning curve. Coming up to it, I’ve always wanted to play something competitively, and like Jay said, watching people you idolize on Twitch always shook me. It was crazy to see these people could have these lives from playing the game, but when you compare the stats, we’re equal skill level. Meeting Jay and getting more competitive with him helped urge me on because I really thought I could make it when playing with someone of equal calibur. Obviously the game being as big as it is really helps out too. But really it’s just seeing people you know and idolize, and wanting to get to that same place.

So Fortnite is kind of THE big game right now, how does it’s rapid growth make you guys feel as avid players and competitors?

Heavy: It actually makes me kind of nervous. I know that people start playing this game every day, and there’s a lot of intelligent players that will pick up the game easily, and there will be a lot more competition.

Plump: My answer is exactly the same, it’s so easy to fall behind in this game, if you disappear for a week it can mess you up. You always have to stay above the curve and I think that’s the hardest part of this game. Especially in a Battle Royale game where you can't be the best at every part of the game.

Building off of that point, what do you guys consider the strongest and weakest parts of your gameplay?

Heavy: I don’t know man, Alex, what do you consider the weakest part of my gameplay?

Plump: It’s hard because in an FPS shooter you need to be up to par in terms of [hardware]. So I would say your aiming and such is the one thing that you lack in, you make the right play everytime, but 9 times out of 10 [when you lose] it’s because you miss a shot, but you build perfectly so you think you should win the fight. I’m the other way around, I take the gun fight over the build fight any day because I know I can hit my shots.

Heavy: It’s a really good mix, we’re a pretty good duo.

Plump: Yeah, Jay will do a lot of the building, and I can build but I can’t do it like he does, so I can land 95% of the shots then he can turtle and finish them off.

Alright, the talk about what makes you two a good duo is a perfect segue into my next question, how did you two meet and start playing with each other?

Plump: I’ll let Jay tell the story since he probably remembers it a lot better than I do.

Heavy: So one day I queued up with my girlfriend for fill squads, when I meant to do duo squads, and there was this hilarious guy in our squad named “Pengin”. I met him and thought he was so funny that I added him, the next day he messaged me saying that I should join him and another guy to play squads since they were “Slaying out” in all their games. So I join the game, and the “other guy” was Alex. We started running duos together and grew to be really good friends.

So I know you guys stream, how often are you live?

Heavy: Every single day, at least 3-4 hours. I usually start between 12-3pm EST.

Plump: I usually stream whenever I’m playing. I just don’t have a set time to start.

Obviously you guys play a lot of Fortnite, how do you prevent getting burnt out from the game?

Heavy: You really don’t. You just play until you don’t feel it anymore and then you get off and hop back on later. The thing about being a pro for a game is that you really can’t stop yourself from getting burnt out, you spend so much time on the game and go through so many scenarios that nothing is ever really new to you.

Plump: You just gotta fight the tilt, this is one of the most tilting games i’ve played, you just have to recognize that you are a good player. You’re going to go through the same situations a lot, you just have to laugh about it. We can go 0/10 one day then 10/10 the next, you just can’t give into the tilt.

What are your guys personal kill records?

Plump: The only one that I can prove is 19, and our best duo win streak was 13.
Heavy: Mine was 26.

Are there any features from the older seasons that you miss and that you would like to see brought back?

Heavy: Double [Shotgun] and factories. Maybe Dusty Depot.

Plump: I would say factories as well.

Which season do you think was the best in terms of gameplay?

Both: Season 3.

Do you guys have any tips for people starting to take the game seriously?

Heavy: The main thing, other than learning the games mechanics, you just have to work on being as efficient as possible.

Plump: Mainly I would say focus on not getting overwhelmed, know that you’re going to die, know that you still need to improve.

What are your long and short term goals in competitive Fortnite?

Plump: My long term goal would be to make it into a pro tournament like [Summer] Skirmish. And for short term, I just want to stay ahead of the curve and not fall behind.

Heavy: I want to be recognized as one of the best, by one of the best.

Alright, that just about wraps up this interview. Tell the people where they can find you on Social Media.

Twitter - @HeavyBeatsPump
Youtube - HeavyBeatsPump
Twitch - HeavyBeatsPump

Twitter - @PlumpBlue
Twitch - BluePlump

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