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Fri 10th Aug 2018 - 4:12pm : Gaming

**Despite the website displaying otherwise, this article was written by Pasta.

Halo is a game that we love here at Mentality, we've competed in Halo in the past, and ever since
we left the scene we've been excited to get right back in. With that said, we're excited to
announce the new Mentality Halo roster.


If you've paid attention to Mentality Halo in the past, one of these names should look familiar.
Emmanuel "Manny" Lombert has made his return to Mentality Esports. We sat down with Manny
for a short interview to gather his thoughts on the new roster, and his return to the Mentality

To start off, how about some info about yourself? Name, Age, etc.?

My name is Emmanuel "Manny" Lombert, I'm [Seventeen years] old, and [I] was born in Orlando, Florida.
I have been taking [competitive] Halo seriously since May of 2017 and I attend my first event, UMG
Daytona in May of 2017. It was a close event, near my where I grew up so I just went and then from
there, I just kept going to every event.

How long did you play Halo before going into competitive?

I played Halo 3 beta and played matchmaking a lot in Halo 3, but started taking it seriously last year.

Have you ever considered competing in another video game? which one?

I've thought about competing in COD but the age limit is a thing so im probably going to stay on Halo for
a while, [I] don't think I want to make that change though.

So you've competed under the Mentality name before. Now how are you feeling about returning to the team?

It feels good returning to Mentality. I really like the staff and the way they run things, it's really well and
fair all around and im really excited to be teaming with these group of guys. We have been friends since
the beginning of the game and never got a chance to team until now so it feels great.

With your return came 3 completely new Halo players to the team, how long did it take you to
adjust to playing with new teammates?

I've been playing with them since the beginning so the chemistry and trust is all there.

Which event will we see the Halo Squad at next?

You will see us at Dreamhack Atlanta next.

You'll next be able to catch the Mentality Halo squad at Dreamhack Atlanta from November 16-18th at the Georgia World Congress Center. Make sure to stay updated by following the players on twitter, as well as following Mentality Esports (@MnTEsports).



Matthew Trotta