An Interview with Dubstache - Content Manager

Fri 27th Jul 2018 - 2:46am : Gaming

Mentality Esports recently announced that "Dubstache" would be joining the MnT Fam as the new content manager, I got the opportunity to speak to Dubstache and let him introduce himself as well as ask him how he was feeling about joining the team.


To start us off, how about some info about yourself? Name, Age, anything about you that you’re willing to share.

[My name is] Taylor Van Veldhuizen, I'm 25 and I work during the day at a coffee stand, I create content and live in the gaming space when I'm home.

You’re joining Mentality as the Content Manager, whats your experience with content creation?

I have been a content creator for 4 years, currently chasing personal dreams of pro gaming but I've also done work in loot-based shooters such as Destiny. A great place to learn how to grow a good stream on Twitch.

What qualities do you think someone must possess to excel in content creation?

I think a good work ethic and an eye on trends and also being confident in who you are as a person and a creator, regardless if you are genuine or put on a personality.

Now that you’ve been around the team for a little while, how do you feel about the environment here?

The environment is professional for sure. A very welcoming vibe and I'm excited to get into it to help out any way I can!

How did you come up with your tag, Dubstache?

My tag was from an old Xbox Gamertag "DubstepVPMaster" I used to beatbox in college and did bass drops, so I scrapped the end and put stache because I think irony is amusing and I can't grow facial hair.

How’d you get into gaming? How about the Esports scene?

E-sports was always something I was aware of, but never really took seriously until I started watching the rise of Professional Overwatch. That's when I started looking around and tried to see what it's like from all aspects of the production from the games, players, orgs, and Blizzard itself. Being a part of an org I hope to gain insight on that to help further my own goals to work in E-sports professionally.
I got into gaming back when I was a kid playing Halo 2 splitscreen with my childhood best friends. I still talk to those friends and that connection is something I latched onto. No matter the type of person or culture you are a part of, gaming is a common ground that everyone can relate to.

What’s your favorite game that you’ve played to date?

My favorite story game I've ever experienced was my 30 hour playthrough of God of War. That game is a masterpiece. FPS favorite is probably Overwatch or Destiny. The shooting mechanics and the team-based collaboration is something I crave a lot.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people who are reading this? Any shoutouts that you’d like to give?

Shoutout to The New Redublic for giving me the inspiration to chase my dreams of working in gaming and for being there no matter what! Shoutout to Matt for keeping an eye out and giving me the opportunity!

Thank you to Dubstache for sitting down to do this interview, we're all very excited to have him on board here, and we can't wait to see what he'll bring to the table!

To stay updated with Dubstache, you can follow him on twitter @DubstacheGaming. Also, be sure to follow us on twitter @MnTEsports to stay up to date with what we're doing!