Mentality Content Interview - AceStarThe3rd

Thu 26th Jul 2018 - 5:22am : Gaming

**Author Credit: Kaeon

MnT AceStarThe3rd is a new member of our Content team. He creates original YouTube series and is

also a Smash 4 competitor. Kaeon sat down with him to ask a few questions about his work.

What games do you play on stream?

I tend to play Super Smash Bros., Overwatch, Fire Emblem: Heroes, a various Fire Emblem game, and a
game that I’m doing a playthrough of.

Which was your first Smash game?

My first Smash game was Melee. It came as a Christmas present along with my Gamecube. The first
Smash game I played competitively however was Smash 64.

When did you become interested in eSports?

I first became interested in eSports around the time that sponsors became interested in Smash 4 in
2015. I had no idea how it worked, but I’ve had some great people run it down with me.

Where do you compete? Who are some of your rivals?

I usually compete in the Midwest area of the US, specifically in the central area of the state of Kentucky.
One of my rivals (and good friends) is a player named JDB, a player that also lives in Kentucky. Another
rival of mine is a player named Mister Eric, another player and content creator that lives in the area.

Do you plan on playing Smash Ultimate exclusively upon release?

I’d say about 90 percent of the time, yes, I’ll be playing Smash Ultimate exclusively.

How does your content creation process work?

I do not like to force creativity, so my content process usually has me brainstorming, jotting some ideas
into a doc/pressing the record button, and simply let the words flow. I do quite a bit of watching my
own and other similar content, because it’s an absolute goal of mine to make my next video produced
better than the last.

Is there a media outlet that you prefer to use the most?

Probably Twitter and YouTube are the media outlets I prefer to use the most.

Are there any challenges in maintaining your following across social media platforms?

I think the biggest challenge in maintaining my following across social media platforms is, without a
doubt, keeping up and responding with messages. There was a time when I figured I could actually reply to every single message and comment with a well-thought-out response. Obviously, I found out later that this simply could not work. So, I’ve been trying to learn and improve at balancing out how I reply to messages and make sure I can get to as many as possible.

What events are coming up for you this summer?

Outside of local events, the biggest event coming up for me this summer is Super Smash Con 2018!

Where do you see yourself in two years?

I see myself in two years still creating content, but on a bigger scale. I also see myself trying to balance it with school. 

Why not end with a few shout outs?

Wellll, shout out to all of my supporters for literally making all of this possible! Shout out to Mentality
Esports of course, for giving me the sponsorship opportunity and for being so helpful. Shout out to my
local scene for enabling much of my Smash journey and keeping me happy. Shout out to my Discord,
you all are lovely. And shout out to my best friends, I’d be a stressed-out wreck if it weren’t for them
keeping me in check.

Where can our readers contact you?

Your readers can contact me on Twitter @AceStarThe3rd or on my business email