Congratulations to Thompxson for Winning CEO 2018!

Fri 6th Jul 2018 - 2:59am : Gaming

How’s it going MnT Fam? If you’re a fan of any fighting game, you probably watched CEO 2018 this past weekend. Our Mentality Esports fighting game players were there, representing in Tekken, Super Smash Bros Melee, and Killer Instinct. All of our players performed greatly in their games, but there is one person who had a very special weekend in Daytona, Thompxson.

Thompxson, the best Jago in Killer Instinct, was the CEO 2018 Champion! He entered Grand Finals from the Winners side of the bracket, defeating the likes of Seadragon, Amenty, Bass, and ZTRAIN OVER9000, before taking the tournament with a solid 3-1 over LetalisVenator and his Aganos. Thompxson played his heart out all weekend and it ended with him hoisting the notorious CEO Title belt. We are super proud of Thompxson for all of his hard work paying off. Congratulations to him, we can’t wait to see what him and his Jago will do next. 

Make sure to stay updated with Thompxson by following him on twitter, (@Thompxsonn) and by following Mentality Esports on twitter (@MnTEsports)