Presenting: MnT Trungy

Thu 21st Jun 2018 - 9:10am : Gaming

Hey Mentality Fam! Today we're super excited to introduce a new piece to our fighting game player line up. This player has been on the top of his game this year, and is coming off an impressive 7th place at Combo Breaker 2018. We're ecstatic to have him repping the Mentality banner from this point on, Presenting: MnT Trungy

Trungy is the newest member of an absolutely stacked Mentality FGC Roster, and will be the second member of our Tekken 7 squad, alongside NycFab. As we like to do with all of our new players, we sat down with Trungy to get his thoughts on joining Mentality, here's what he had to say:


What’s your name?

Hello, My name is Trung Mai and I go by Trungy

Where are you from?

I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee.

How long have you been playing Tekken?

I’ve been playing tekken since 1995, When I saw a tekken 2 machine at my local arcade.

What got you into competitive gaming?

I got into competitive gaming by playing at the arcade against the local scene. People would put their tokens up and line up to try and beat the 8 yr old kid standing on a stool. I did not know about the FGC until I met Jio who took me to my first tournament in tekken 5.

If not Tekken, is there any other game you’d be interested in competing in?

I’ve always tried to learn every new fighting game that comes out. I’ve competed in a few DBFZ tournaments and I’m interested in competing in Soul Calibur 6 when it comes out.

What was your first tournament?

My first tournament was a Tekken 5 arcade release tournament in Nashville, TN.

How long have you been playing Tekken?

I've been playing tekken since 1995, When I saw a tekken 2 machine at my local arcade.

Who is your Tekken main?

I have been a Steve main since Tekken 5.1 until Geese, whom I main now, was released for Tekken 7.

Do you have any secondary/pocket characters?

I guess you could say Steve is now my “secondary character” aside from that it would have to be Lars.

Which tournament results are you most proud of?

I would say the tournament results that I am most proud of would either be Strongstyle 6 or Combo Breaker 2018.

How often do you train for events?

I train with my roommate, Spero Gin, a couple times a week when there aren’t any upcoming tournaments. However, when there are tournaments coming up we will play 2 ft10s every night. We also make frequent trips to ATL to practice and hang out with Anakin and Jio.

Do you have any funny tournament stories or memorable moments?

Too many to recall but I would say the most memorable moment for me would be at Final Round 13 when I had to play Knee/Nin/Clint in the 3v3 tournament. That moment is responsible for my competitive drive and helped me overcome my self doubt within the FGC. As for funny tournament moments, it would have to be my match vs Shinblade at KIT Summer bash last week. That one is kinda hard to explain so you’ll have to watch that one for yourself.

Are there any events we should expect you at soon?

I plan to attend all of the North American TWT events this year and maybe some international TWT event(s) such as The Mixup.

Is there anyone you'd like to shout out?

I would like to shoutout @miamia who motivated me to return to competitive tekken and her continuous support through each event.

You can catch Trungy in his first major as a part of Mentality at CEO 2018! Make sure to wish him luck on Twitter @TN_Trungy, and make sure to stay updated with Mentality Esports by following us on Twitter @MnTEsports.