Presenting: MnT NycFab

Mon 30th Apr 2018 - 8:23pm : Gaming

How’s it going MnT Fam, If you were paying attention last week, you saw that we welcomed a new fighting game player to our team in Thompxson. Today we continue to widen our reach in the FGC with our next fighting game venture, presenting; Tekken player, Shaun “NycFab” Swain. Kaeon recently got to sit down and interview NycFab about him joining the team, here’s what he had to say.

What got you into competitive gaming?

The first Xbox had Dead or Alive 2 online which was one of the first online fighters, I played in online tournaments and offline. A close friend of mine introduced me to Tekken 5.0 at a Chinatown arcade and I’ve been playing ever since.

Where was your first tournament?

My first tournament was Evo 2005

How long have you been playing Tekken?

I [have] been playing for over 13 years.

Which tournaments are you most proud of? 

NorCal Regionals 2010, Evo 2011 and MLG Dallas

When do you find time to train for events?

[Laughs] I get this question a lot since I’m a family man, but I have to make time. Before or after work I really grind and make the best of the time I have available.

​Do you have a practice regimen for Texas Showdown this upcoming weekend?

Yes I do, a few things I will be practicing is character/player match ups for players that are attending and other aspects of my game that need to be sharp.

Which opponents do you think you might face?

I think I might face players like Anakin, Joey Fury, Lil Majin, Speedkicks, Spero and more. A lot of solid players are attending.

​What do you think will be your biggest challenge there?

My biggest challenge will be Anakin, he’s currently one of the best players in America.

​Is there anyone you want to shout out?

I would like to shout my family for always supporting me and my passion for gaming. [Also], Mentality Esports for giving me the chance to represent the organization for Tekken.

Fab will be competing at Texas Showdown this weekend, make sure to show him some love while he brings a #ClearMentality to the competition.