An Interview with Spaghooti

Sat 31st Mar 2018 - 7:55am : Gaming

Author Credits- Kaeon

Mentality's Content team is a massive part of what makes this organization so great, they work very hard to produce the best content they can whether it is on Youtube, Twitch, or any other platform. Today, we turn the spotlight to a Mentality Content member that has been with us for a while, Spaghooti. Kaeon sat down with Spaghooti to ask a few questions and let the Mentality family know a little bit more about him.

To start, are you in school or do you have a career that you're pursuing?

I work in a school. I work full-time. After high school, I attended an audio engineering technical school.
I’m a live sound technician, I’m an audiovisual technician. There’s a few different titles.

What got you into streaming?

First of all, what got me into streaming was Smash, and just wanting to record me and my friends
playing. I had a friend that introduced me to the world of Twitch, his name is Rab. He’s a graphic
designer that does a lot of freelance stuff that used to live with me in Queens. I used to do freelance
audio stuff and record stuff for people because I was in a band and I wanted to see how that world
worked and how to make my band sound better.

What music did you play?

We played a bunch of different kinds of rock. But the genre that I was into the most was Shoegaze. We
didn’t want to imitate it per se, but we were so inspired by it, just the guitar sounds. I wasn’t really into
school for the longest time, so I was into playing music and playing shows and hanging out in New York.

Were you a serious competitor at that time?

Back then, we played a lot of Brawl unfortunately, [laughs], Brawl is kind of where I got my start with
Smash. Like, I played Melee for fun when I was younger, but Brawl was like… man, we just played Brawl, all day. I didn’t know there was a competitive scene for Brawl at the time. Yeah, and I had items on, we didn’t know the rules or whatever, we played on every stage.

What was the turning point for you to take Smash to a competitive level?

When I heard about it coming out for 3DS, I was just super stoked, super excited, I could get into it and
could play, and unfortunately when it did come out, a lot of my friends that I played Brawl with didn’t
play, so I didn’t have many friends that played it, so I still bought it, and I played the crap out of it. I
attended a local in New York, Nebulous, and I would bring my 3DS and play, since I didn’t own a Wii U
for a while. I used the 3DS as a controller, and it was just so fun competing for the first time over there,
and seeing a different world of Smash, and seeing other people into it more than I was at the time.

Do you see Smash 4 as having more of a fun side?

It was a getaway for me. I was working full-time and [playing] in a band full-time, I would try to go when I could. Because I had a different schedule every week, it was tough to plan it out. The thing I like more about streaming it is that I can play more matches. It’s hard to play friendlies sometimes at
tournaments. A lot of times I would go by myself. And eventually, I did meet people, or I met people
that came to my stream, that are like, “oh I live in New York too and I’ve never been to a local, do you
want to go with me one day?” And I was like sure, and I made some friends that way.
But, for me, streaming was just a place to meet a crapload of people that played a crapload of different
characters. And every day when I would go live, [they would] come back consistently and practice with
me. Sure it’s Wi-Fi, so that’s the only downside to it, but you can’t really get that offline practice. But it’s just fun getting that exposure, like here’s a kid from Europe that’s really good, just somebody that you would probably never ever have gotten a chance to play with. [I’ve enjoyed] meeting them and playing with them and developing a relationship with them.

Have you done any streams with bigger production value?

For Smash, I haven’t done it so much as of recently because I am streaming from a Mac which is my
downside. A lot of programs aren’t compatible. Just gaming in general, isn’t as compatible on the Mac. It limits how much I can stream it [and] at what frame rate [it runs]. There are just a lot of [extra] things that I need to do. But I do have another PC coming in the mail Thursday. I expect to have smoother transitions, to have higher quality, and to stream other PC games, like Fortnite. I’ve always wanted to play Cuphead—I couldn’t play on Mac, it’s PC only.

Is Smash your viewers’ favorite game to watch?

I guess that’s what I’d be known for. Whenever I stream other games that aren’t Smash, you can tell that the viewership drops. I would like to branch out to stuff in the future. Whenever I stream, I do different things: King of the Hill, Viewer Battles with me, and Crew Battles, [which] is when I get the most people.

Are you excited for the new Smash? Do you see yourself streaming it?

I do have a Switch, and I’m 100% super excited for the Smash Switch to come out. I do for many reasons, I think Smash has gotten a bit stale for a lot of people. I wouldn’t say it’s dying, but it’s not the same game that it once was, when it was newer, and people were more excited to play. I can tell a lot of
people that used to come to my stream will still come to hangout but won’t join up any games: they’re
playing other stuff. I’m excited as a content creator for the new Smash to come out on Switch and have
a new audience come through and hang out.

How is working with Mentality?

They help my channel grow, they’ve hooked it up with retweeting my stream and gathering more
people, putting more eyes on my stream, putting more people into the channel. Yeah, I’ve got nothing
to complain about them, and I’ve been with them for a while now.

Do you plan on making more content beyond streaming Smash?

In the future, I definitely want to incorporate music back into my streams. I always thought about
making music on stream, on Twitch, and maybe starting up a creative side of it. Like making beats, [to]
branch out and attract different viewers. Smash will always be my go-to game.

Have you done any IRL streams?

Funny you say that. We went to Frostbite recently, which is a Smash 4 tournament. [I mean] a couple of friends when I say we, and while we were out there I tried IRL streaming from my phone. It was really
fun, I had a lot of people hang out, the only thing that was kind of tough was that I’m not used to it, and [the] place had bad reception, so the stream would cut out and there would be random [service] drops. I recently ordered a wide angle lens for my phone and a little mic and a selfie stick.

What are your goals for streaming this year? 

Hitting 100 subs by the end of the year is a realistic goal if I keep at it. But number 1 is coming out with a better schedule that I can stick with. One thing I want to start doing is doing like movie nights or anime nights where we just kind of hang out. I do it with FerociousFalcons a lot on his stream. He’s definitely got a bigger community than I do, he’s been doing this for a lot longer, and he has higher production quality. But he was someone I looked up to, to get to where I am now.

Is there anyone you want to shout out?

Shout out Mentality one more time, those are the guys that have definitely hooked me up and helped
my channel grow. Hopefully, I’ve helped [theirs] grow a little bit too, I think I got a lot more people
interested in them, and like wanting to check out other stuff from them, like the Halo stuff and CS:GO.
Yeah, I’ll just shout out Taku, everyone from FerociousFalcons, I’ll shout out Rab who got me into
streaming in the first place, and shout out to the Spaghooti community.

Where can people follow you?

They can follow me on and If anyone wants to join
my Discord, type !discord in the chat.