Mentality Halo Pre-Orlando Interview!

Sat 17th Feb 2018 - 1:55am : Gaming

How's it going MnT Fam? If you've been paying attention to the Mentality universe as of late you've seen our newest team pickup, Mentality Halo. Right now, the Halo squad is displaying their talent at MLG Orlando Open. I recently got the chance to talk to the team about the event, and here's what they had to say.

Ok so for starters, can I get a brief introduction from each of you for the readers? Who you are, your history in gaming and more specifically, Halo of course.


SoulSnipe: My name is Michael, I go by Mikey and play under the alias of “Soul Snipe”. I am a senior in high school and will be attending college next year, and in the meantime I play competitive halo. I’ve been watching halo since I was about 7 years old, since the first few halo 3 tournaments. I started competing in halo 5 during the first Vegas, I kept grinding and getting better where I then met my team mates Kaiss and Druk, us three played together for months now and we’re looking to make a statement this season.

Manny: My name is Emmanuel i go by the nickname Manny I started competing in may last year and you can say I'm pretty new to competitive. What I did to show my skill was to be respectful and kind to everyone and grind day in and day out and just got better over time in a matter of months and I just kept playing in lobbys full of good players to get my name out there and soon enough I met these guys and we ended up meshing really well as a squad.

DRUK: My name is Roman, and my gamertag is DRUK84. I've been playing Halo since I was 4 or 5 but didn't start competing until 2017. My first Lan tournament in Halo was G4G but my first major event was Daytona and I haven't missed an event since. Kaiss, Mikey and myself teamed for Atlanta and we brought back the trio and picked up Manny to make this worlds run happen.

Kaiss: My name is Kaiss, my gamer tag is DRUK85. I have competed in multiple halo titles. I am ready to implement myself as the best halo player in the world.


What's the history behind your gamer tags? Any stories or did you just like how they sound?

Manny: No history behind mine, it was just a nickname that turned into my gamertag.

SoulSnipe: Sniping the soul out of someone and I like alliteration.

DRUK: My brother made this account for me and his name on World of Warcraft was druk and he was born in 84 so he made it druk84.

So you guys are playing on the main stage in Orlando. Is this your first time playing on a stage like this? What are your thoughts going into the event?

Manny: This is my first time getting onto mainstage but honestly I'm not nervous at all because I have been to a few events and I know what the pressure feels like.

Kaiss: I've played on main stage previously, the more pressure the better I will perform.

SoulSnipe: I have played main stage before as well

DRUK: I played mainstage once at Denver, And I'm confident in myself and my team to make noise this event.

So you guys are in group A along with Splyce and Infused, how do you feel about these teams? Are there any other teams that you would have liked to get the chance to play in the group stage?

Kaiss: It may seem odd but I don't focus on other teams at all. I think it's more important we focus on ourselves and what we have to do. Anyone is beatable.

DRUK: I feel the same way as kaiss, As long as we focus on our own gameplay and play our game we can beat anyone.

SoulSnipe: Like Kaiss once told me everyone is human, everyone is beatable. Obviously, without a doubt, we have the toughest pool but that’s what motivates us to play our hardest.

Manny: I couldn't have said It better myself.

That's definitely the best mindset to have in my opinion. Anyways, what does the practice regimen look like going into a major event like this one?

SoulSnipe: Well we basically scrimmed every night, and would go into theater to see our mistakes individually, and as a team. The more often you can break bad habits the better so you won’t do them come tournament time.

Sounds like some hard work. I can't wait to see it pay off. So to wrap things up here, is there anything extra you guys would like to say to any friends and fans of your own as well as the #MnTFam?

SoulSnipe: Nothing to say but all love for the MnT Fam

Kaiss, Manny, DRUK: Would definitely give a big shoutout to CBTheElite and Matthew Trotta for all the support they have given us, we got blessed with an amazing organization and it only fuels us more to do better and represent @MnTEsports well.

I'd like to thank all the Halo guys for taking the time to do this interview, and wish them the best of luck in Orlando this weekend.

Make sure to catch Mentality Esports at MLG Orlando this weekend! Show some love for the #MnTFam!