Departure of Mentality Call of Duty

Wed 3rd Jan 2018 - 6:35am : Gaming

The staff here at Mentality would like to shed some light on the recent events regarding our CoD team, there have been some allegations on social media that don't tell the full or even the correct stories, and we feel that it is our duty to let everyone know exactly what has happened.


Our roster for New Orleans consisted of Lyricsan, Rampy, Huhdle, and Solo. Only the latter two players were signed to a contract with Mentality, the other two players had not yet signed anything, though they had planned to that night, and were consulting the staff about another possible roster change regarding the already signed players. For context, back around the time of CWL Dallas, The organization had to take a fairly large loss to make two last-minute roster changes so our team could participate. We had to make a decision, with eleven days until the event and no full roster signed, and with our original two roster members asking that we release and replace Huhdle and Solo, we notified the team that we would not be sending them to New Orleans in order to avoid a loss even bigger than the one we took at Dallas. Understandably, Solo and Huhdle immediately asked to be released from their contracts, and we obliged. The team pass that had originally been purchased for Mentality was given to Rampy and Lyric as they still look to attend New Orleans, and Mentality will not have any representation at the tournament. It is an unfortunate situation when any roster is released, and the staff here at Mentality apologize to everyone involved.