Departure of Mentality Call of Duty

Sun 21st Jan 2018 - 4:44am : Gaming

Hello MnT Fam, today we have a bit of a sad announcement for everyone. As of today, the Mentality CoD team that participated in CWL New Orleans (Lyricsan, Rampy, Jkrillex, DeoX) will no longer be a part of the organization. We'd like to thank them for their time playing under the Mentality banner. We very much enjoyed having them playing for Mentality, and we are rooting for them in their future Call of Duty endeavors.

"Huge thank you to the staff and supporters of Mentality for the great hospitality and support that was given to Mark (Rampy) and I for the duration we we're under the Call of Duty roster. It's been a brief but an amazing time and we wish Mentality nothing but success in the future!" -lyricsan and Rampy

This concludes Mentality's Call of Duty journey for the time being. Thank you to all #MnTCoD fans for following the team and showing your support to the organization and the players.